Effortless Routing for High-Performance Connectivity

Key Features of ExtremeRouting​

Internet-Scale Routing

Extreme Routers are deployed in the most demanding enterprise and service provider networks. They deliver carrier-class, advanced features that leverage industry leading Extreme Routing code to support MPLS, Carrier Ethernet and VXLAN overlay technology to support full Internet routing tables with protocols such as BGP, OSPF, MPLS and IS-IS. ​

Cloud Managed SD-WAN​

End-to-end QoS, application-aware traffic shaping and performance optimization with features such as real-time dynamic path selection, traffic can be passed across multiple uplinks (incl. LTE) in real time, based on connection and performance and availability.​

Strong Network Security​

With a combination of secure authentication, strong encryption, and segmentation ensure that applications, data and users are protected from the Branch to the Cloud.​

Integrated Application Hosting​

Leverage onboard VM-based applications alongside the operating system – all without impacting performance. This network telemetry can help provide network insight through on-board analytics applications and even enable new network applications without the need for a separate hardware device.​