ExtremeCloud Edge

Simplified Operations, Enhanced Cloud Sovereignty and Hybrid Deployment Options

Edge Networking Requirements Are Rapidly Increasing

New applications and devices are driving a data explosion at the edge. Analysts expect over 55B devices* to connect to the network by 2025 with 75% being IoT based. Public cloud architectures have evolved to better address customer needs with point solutions. However, edge computing and distributed cloud do not account for networking.

*Worldwide IDC Global DataSphere Forecast, 2022–2026: Enterprise Organizations Driving Most of the Data Growth Doc # US49018922, May-22

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What does ExtremeCloud Edge Enable?

  • Solutions for enterprises and MSPs.
  • Seamless co-existence of cloud deployment options for Extreme applications and more.
  • Increased data privacy and residency choices for cloud applications.
  • Simple IT experience with Extreme-provided compute solutions for on-premises applications.
  • Hybrid application deployments integrated with the cloud.

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