Advance Your Venue Experience

Gain improved operational efficiency through the benefits of a fast, secure network that enables you to reduce risk while enhancing the overall venue experience.

The Biggest Brands in Sports Rely on Extreme

The Stadium Network: A Microcosm of the World


Drive top-line revenue by meeting the needs of today's consumer while improving stadium operations through a fast and secure network.


Support critical venue assets and operations by accessing stadium behaviors, preferences, and data/analytics to ensure the smooth flow of live games and events.


Deliver more secure operations while meeting the digital and mobile demands of today's fans by working with an agile, resilient and safe network infrastructure.


Strengthen relationships with your fans through actionable marketing and business intelligence, enhancing convenience while delivering unique brand experiences.

Winning on the Field and in the Stands: How Wi-Fi Transformed the Fan Experience at Gillette Stadium

Discover how Extreme has delivered over ten years of defining moments for one of the world’s most celebrated organizations: the New England Patriots and its partner company, the Kraft Group.


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