Why Cloud for Retail Network-Enabled Speed and Innovation

The retail industry is evolving at a pace that challenges businesses to keep up:   

  •         Traditional brick and mortar retailers are reshaping physical footprint
  •         Native digital retail platforms are expanding into physical retail spaces
  •         The number of connected shoppers and IoT ‘things’ are rapidly increasing in-store
  •         Customers’ mobile and digital behaviors and expectations have drastically heightened

These changes are increasing complexity, and with it, the demands on networking solutions and the IT staff that support it.  Are you equipped to support your business’ growing needs?   

With ExtremeCloud IQ, our 3rd generation cloud platform, our retail customers are equipped with a flexible and scalable IT solution built to excel in the dynamic landscape today.

In this webinar, Why Cloud for Retail: Network-Enabled Speed and Innovation, our panel of industry experts discuss the benefits of cloud-based IT solutions for retail businesses, including:

  •         Operational Simplicity & Efficiency
  •         Consistent Experience
  •         Personalized Engagement
  •         Right Size for Your Business
  •         Continuous Innovation

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