Post Season Recap: Wi-Fi Usage Insights from the 17-18 NFL Season

In the National Football League technology plays a significant role in ensuring the game day experience for fans is quality, safe, and consistent across NFL stadiums. One technology in particular plays a critical role in this strategy, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi analytics.

Investing in robust, high-density Wi-Fi allows today’s NFL fan to ‘stay connected’ on game day, while Wi-Fi analytics provides NFL teams with network performance analytics and actionable intelligence into the mobile usage behaviors of fans in-stadium.

Wi-Fi usage and satisfaction at NFL Stadiums is on the rise, but questions on the ’17-’18 season remain:

  • What are the notable Wi-Fi usage metrics across the NFL?
  • What are the key engagement trends from connected fans?
  • What are the application usage preferences?
  • How do this season’s Wi-Fi metrics compare to previous NFL seasons?

In this webinar we offer exclusive access to all of these insights, metrics, and more, as we sit down with the NFL’s Vice President of Information Technology.

Key Speaker:

Aaron Amendolia

VP of Information Technology, National Football League

“Our fundamental goal is to ensure the Wi-Fi system is providing a quality wireless experience in-stadium, but the depth of data our Wi-Fi analytics system provides we are able to engage with the technology in a much deeper way”

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