Steamboat Springs School District Enables Digital Learning and PoE with Extreme


Steamboat Springs School District in Colorado is a highly rated public school district of seven schools that serve over 2,600 students in grades PreK through 12. With an already limited class time to go over curriculum, the district needed a new network solution that could not only enable faculty to maximize learning time, but also securely streamline IT operations.

"I have the goals of my clients to deliver whatever they need, when they need it, instantaneously. But I also have to secure it. That's where Extreme comes in."
Tim Miles
Technology Director, Steamboat Springs Public School District

At Sleeping Giant School, one of the district’s larger K-8 schools, every light on campus runs on ethernet – making it the first and only school in Colorado to have power over ethernet. Thanks to ExtremeSwitching, the school can use network switches to deliver power and data to each light source, improving operational management and cost efficiency.

Aside from enhanced sustainability and operations, Sleeping Giant now has access to a sophisticated network authentication system through Extreme’s hyper-segmentation technology. All student and faculty needs are met with the utmost security and peace of mind, and with Extreme Wireless, end users never have to worry about connecting to the district’s network, regardless of location or time.