Spanish Air Force: Building the Air Base of the Future


The Spanish Air Force, as a part of its commitment with continuous technology evolution, develops the BACSI project, or Connected, Sustainable and Intelligent Air Base, focused on seeking the efficiency in areas such as operational sustainment, connectivity and sustainability. The purpose of BACSI project is twofold: on the one hand, it aims to show advances in the use of new technologies through practical cases linked to their use in air operations. On the other hand, they will serve as a tool to understand and take advantage of the synergies and new technological opportunities that fabrics can offer, both in business, university and institutional matters, for the development of BACSI. Extreme Networks as a key partner of the Spanish Air Force collaborates to develop the Air Base of the Future, providing the WI-Fi 6 technology which enables secure, high performance wireless coverage when Advanced Operation Bases are deployed, to support logistics and maintenance operations.