Prima CARE Delivers Best-in-Class Patient Experience

Published 15 Feb 2023

As Dr. Martin Fogle, Chief Medical Officer at Prima CARE would say, “The world of medicine has changed radically.”

Prima CARE is a fast-growing, multi-specialty healthcare group based in Massachusetts. With a growing practice and a new training facility, it needed a network that could keep up with the increasing number of devices and users in addition to new, bandwidth-demanding medical devices and applications.

With new high-performing wired and wireless solutions from Extreme, Prima CARE can provide reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi to users across its facilities. The healthcare group can now take advantage of new digital services that will improve patient care, including telehealth offerings and upgraded medical devices, without worrying whether the network will be able to handle increased traffic.

Additionally, ExtremeCloud IQ helps ensure the single onsite network manager can easily identify and solve the root issues of any problems before they impact patients or staff. This also helps increase patient data security, as the network manager can make changes to network access as necessary in real-time and keep devices updated.

“With ExtremeCloudIQ, we’re able to see a dashboard of the network, we’re able to make changes quickly on the fly, we’re able to keep our firmware updated. We’re not technically held back by anything,” said Kevin Andrade, Director of Operations at Prima CARE.

Learn more about how Extreme Networks can help advance your healthcare organization and take patient care to the next level with ExtremeCloud IQ.

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