Video-on-Demand: Expert Talk: Your Top Wi-Fi Questions Answered – Q&A with David Coleman

Welcome to the Extreme Academy Expert Talk. Get ready for an information-packed session as we delve into the industry's top Wi-Fi questions and gain invaluable expertise from David Coleman, Extreme's renowned Wi-Fi expert.

In this exclusive free training session, you can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of pivotal topics, including the key considerations surrounding the move towards 6 GHz and the emergence of Tri- Band Networks. We will also explore the crucial question of when customers should consider transitioning towards WPA, along with the important considerations in this process. Our experts will dive into the implementation of standard power outdoor in both the US and global contexts and take a glimpse into the future of 2.4 GHz environments.

That's not all! We'll also be delving into David's thoughts on roaming technologies and solutions, the intriguing possibilities of 5G and Wi-Fi interoperability in the future, the vital role of site surveys in Wireless LAN and Wi-Fi deployment processes, and the significance of RF visualization.

Whether you're an industry professional seeking to stay ahead of the curve or an enthusiast eager to explore the frontiers of Wi-Fi technology, this broadcast is your opportunity to gain invaluable insights and expertise from one of the industry's leading authorities.

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This valuable resource complements the Expert Talk, offering the Q&A from the discussion and space for taking personal notes while you listen. Take advantage of the opportunity to take notes and enhance your understanding of Wi-Fi with insights from our expert, David Coleman.

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