Behind-the-Scenes at Kick Sauber F1 With Extreme Academy Part 2: Intro to 6 GHz Connectivity


Join us for an exciting webinar episode as we take a deep dive into the world of networking technology used in Formula 1 racing. In collaboration with the renowned Kick Sauber racing team, this episode will focus on the cutting-edge 6GhZ wireless technology and its optimized deployment in high-performance environments. 
During this technical training, our expert speakers will explore the intricacies of 6GhZ wireless technology and its application in the demanding world of F1. From enhanced connectivity to seamless data transfer, discover how this technology is revolutionizing the way networks are built for optimal performance. 
Additionally, we will provide an exclusive update on our partnership with Kick Sauber racing team, showcasing the incredible progress made in merging networking technology with the fast-paced world of F1. We are excited to have a special guest, a real-life Formula 1 networking engineer, who will share insights into the unique challenges and requirements of running a network to support the world's most thrilling motorsport. 
Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain expert knowledge and insider perspective on the networking technology behind F1 racing. Save the date and join us for an engaging webinar session that combines the worlds of technology and motorsport. 

  • Rohan Abey, Senior Director of Training and Sales Enablement 
  • Marco Mautone, Senior Director of EMEA Marketing 
  • Roy Verboeket, VP of Sales Engineering International Markets


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