Technical Taster: Installing and Configuring Fabric with ATP Piotr from VERSIM

Join the first ever Technical Taster session featuring Piotr from VERSIM Are you interested in diving into the world of technical training? Look no further! We invite you to be part of our Technical Taster session where you will have the opportunity to meet Piotr, an experienced professional from VERSIM, one of our Authorized Training Partners.

In this exclusive online event, Piotr will share his expertise during a FREE short training session on Extreme Fabric - Installation and Configuration. Get ready to immerse yourself in the intricacies of this cutting-edge technology as Piotr walks you through the fundamentals. This webinar is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of our comprehensive technical training tracks. Whether you are a budding IT professional or an experienced enthusiast, this session will provide valuable insights and knowledge. Save the date and join us for the first ever Technical Taster session with Piotr from VERSIM.

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