New and Elevated Demands Surrounding Live Sports

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The future of live sports events has unquestionably changed, and in a big way. This change has elevated existing digital demands sports teams and their venues previously faced as well as introduced new demands central to successfully hosting fans in their venues moving forward.

Digital Ticketing and Mobile Entry: An Essential Requirement for Sports Venues

With these demands shaping the future landscape of live sports, certain digital use cases will be essential in successfully hosting fans in sports venues. Digital ticketing and mobile entry is one of those use cases. Already a growing initiative for many sports leagues and teams, digital ticketing directly addresses many of the elevated and emerging demands sports venues must overcome.

  • Reduces Physical Contact: with digital tickets, fans access the venue by scanning tickets on their mobile device, reducing another physical touch point and supporting the health and safety of fans (and staff).
  • Improves Operational Efficiency, and Cost Savings: digital ticketing creates a more seamless entry into a venue, saves businesses substantially on the cost of printed physical tickets, and reduces the opportunity for ticket fraud.
  • Strengthens Fan Insights: with printed tickets, sports teams are challenged to track and identify exactly who is attending their games. With digital ticketing, sports teams have nearly 100% fan visibility. Valuable information for customer CRM, fan segmentation, remarketing campaigns, and more.
  • Enhances Mobile Investments: digital ticketing allows sports teams to align and optimize the adoption of new/existing digital investments, specifically fan-facing game day applications, which digital ticketing can easily integrate into.
  • Increases Convenience: digital tickets allow fans to easily transfer purchased tickets to another fan, and reduces friction points when entering a venue. In general, it better aligns with their mobile-centric preferences and behaviors.