Innovation in Data Center Simplicity with Extreme Fabric Automation

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Simplify operations with built-in automation

New bandwidth-intensive applications, such as IoT, Artificial Reality, and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) driving the need for ultralow latency and pushing localized data and compute resources to the network edge. Centralized data center resources are moving closer to the edge of the network.

Fixed and 5G cloud native mobile networks are built with redundancy in terms of multiple devices, connections or paths to ensure uninterrupted service if there is a component failure or break in any network link. On top of that, there is resiliency which enables the network to take full advantage of the designed redundancy. Failover and recovery happen in sub-second time to guarantee continued service. Now, add on top of that the need for reliability in knowing the network is provisioned as intended.

For both data center scenarios – centralized or distributed - Extreme Networks delivers a unique built-in automation solution that address the need for provisioning and continuously validates the IP Fabric network. Built-into the switch infrastructure with Extreme Fabric Automation hosted on Integration Application Hosting (IAH), automation becomes the most important factor to increased reliability by reducing or eliminating the human errors and the delay for moves, adds and changes across the network.


  • Unique built-in automation solution to address provisioning and validation of Data Center IP Fabrics
  • Extreme Fabric Automation is included with the SLX 9740, SLX 9150, SLX 9250 and Extreme 8720 and Extreme 8520
  • Reduce network provisioning time from days to seconds
  • Day 0 infrastructure – BGP underlay, BGP/ EVPN overlay with VXLAN; create, update and delete switches within the fabric
  • Day 1 tenant edge port services – add endpoints (i.e. compute, storage ensuring traffic separation between tenants while maintaining connectivity within tenants
  • High availability support for multi-node environments for failover and fallback scenarios to provide continuous uptime
  • Ecosystem integrations with Northbound API to build the foundation for 5G Cloud Native Infrastructure Solution
  • Deployment flexibility supports running automation from an externally hosted virtual machine where desired