The Power of Network-Enabled Security and Surveillance Solutions

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Hospitality and gaming organizations and their connected environments face key business and technology challenges when providing a high-quality experience to their patrons.

Security Surveillance Systems: A Critical Asset for Gaming and Hospitality Today

With large crowds flowing in and out every hour of every day and with money changing hands rapidly, the complexity and fast-paced environment of hospitality and casino environments makes security a challenging, high-stakes game. Add in the fact that organizations are in place (i.e. gaming commissions) to ensure that the strict regulations of the casino’s operations are met. One key security component of every casino and gaming facility is the property’s security surveillance system. Surveillance systems are essential in supporting the smooth and safe operations of the property, and are valuable assets should an incident actually occur on the property.

The SSI and Extreme Networks Solution: Secure, Scalable, Turnkey IP-Based Video Surveillance

Purpose-Built CCTV-IP Video System

  • Premier IP-Based Video Network Technology
  • High-Quality Megapixel Cameras
  • Video Analytics and Access Control
  • Network Recording and Video Storage
  • Point of Sale/Date Mining

Robust IT Network Infrastructure

  • Hyper Secure Fabric Network Architecture
  • Seamless Support of Multicast Video
  • Easy to Deploy and Manage
  • Flexible and Simplified Network Design
  • Single Network Protocol for IP Video Delivery

IP Video Surveillance/IT Network

SSI’s full turnkey service for CCTV/IP video network technology specifically designed for casinos, gaming, and hospitality organizations. Enabled by Extreme Fabric solutions, offering a flexible, easy to deploy, manage and maintain network for multicast support.