Remote Access Solution Guide

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Hardware, Software and Security

More now than ever, modern-day problems require modern day solutions; remote work is now top of mind for every organization. At Extreme, we are proud to connect our customers, their customers, and communities regardless of location. We know that it’s not easy to get connected and stay connected, which is why we are helping thousands of organizations, schools, and people access the essential tools that they need to continue working, learning, and living. Combining the very best of our technologies, we are offering a variety of special remote network kits that helps to easily extend the network beyond your office, school, or shop walls.

Remote Access solutions encompass the use of equipment at the main headquarters (the head-end), equipment at the remote sites (edge devices) and software to create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) providing a secure connection, or tunnel across the WAN and GRE tunnels. VPNs are a key component of Extreme’s enterprise wide solution and as a result we offer solutions for multiple use cases, the following chart defines your options based on existing hardware and use cases:

To support these use cases Extreme offers multiple hardware and software-based solutions providing scalable enterprise class VPN services for up to thousands of VPN tunnels to secure communication to remote locations. These solutions offer simplified provisioning, increased network resilience, end-to-end visibility and control, reduction in costs vs MPLS links and most importantly, security. Not believing in a one size fits all, Extreme offers multiple options based on number of remote sites, existing onsite products and deployment complexity.