Extreme Networks Healthcare Wireless LAN

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Patient Care Without Wires

In the mission-critical environment of healthcare, delivering the very best in patient care requires doctors, nurses, and other caregivers to be able to instantly reach colleagues and access a wealth of data. With an Extreme Networks wireless LAN solution, you can put ‘right here right now’ mobile access to voice and data in the pockets of your healthcare team, providing the tools they need at the point of care to define a new level of healthcare excellence.

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) deployments in healthcare institutions have accelerated as mobility has proven to play a vital role in efficient and accurate care delivery. However, the introduction of wireless technologies has also created a new avenue for data breaches, circumventing traditional security architectures. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the US, and similar regulations around the world, require healthcare providers to take necessary steps to protect confidential patient information. The Extreme AirDefense solution, currently deployed by several large healthcare providers, is designed to secure the provider’s wireless airspace by eliminating rogue wireless devices, preventing wireless intrusions, and facilitating compliance with policies such as HIPAA. The AirDefense solution also provides centralized wireless troubleshooting and network assurance capabilities that reduce WLAN management costs while improving overall wireless performance.

Healthcare-Ready and Healthcare-Proven Wireless LAN

Just as your patients come to you for the best in healthcare, healthcare providers come to Extreme Networks for best-in-class mobility solutions. And every minute of every day, Extreme Networks delivers. With Extreme Networks, you get the peace of mind that comes from choosing a leading provider who understands the meaning of ‘mission-critical’ – we offer many years of experience providing critical mobile and network communications solutions for healthcare facilities as well as Fortune 500 companies and public institutions around the world.

Our advanced wireless LAN technology is designed to meet or exceed the needs of healthcare staff, allowing your caregivers to remain focused on the life-saving tasks at hand. Extreme Networks knows mobility – our breadth of experience and patented features provide the resilient, secure, and high-performance wireless connection required in healthcare facilities.

Powerful Wireless - Built for Complex Healthcare Environments

Healthcare is one of the most complex environments for a wireless network. Many different types of devices, many different types of applications. Many difference types of users. Add to this all the metal, glass, hard reflective surfaces, it is complex. These type of environment is ingrained in the DNA of ExtremeWireless WiNG solution.

When you choose Extreme Networks you get a network that is more intelligent, more reliable, more secure, and more manageable, with a reduction in infrastructure requirements and lower operational costs. Healthcare-grade wireless provides physicians, nurses, and others with a resilient connection as they roam the facility – from the patient’s bedside to the halls, nurses’ station, to the pharmacy, and more – ensuring continuity of service for phone calls and data applications. Our wireless LAN includes application aware features that deliver voice and data with a difference. Higher quality voice calls, roaming assist that eliminates sticky clients, ensuring your connections are robust and your calls are clear.


Extreme Networks delivers a truly intelligent WLAN. With our distributed architecture, every point in your network – every single access point and controller – is completely network-aware, automatically choosing the best possible route for all wireless traffic. Network performance and the user experience are preserved – regardless of whether users are making VoWLAN calls, accessing clinical or operational applications, or using online reference materials.


Healthcare is a 24x365 business. Downtime is not an option for your healthcare staff. You need to know that the wireless LAN offers the same reliability as your wired network and your desk phone. With an ExtremeWireless solution, you enjoy wireless that simply works. Extreme Networks’ wireless LAN automatically detects and seamlessly re-routes traffic around any malfunctioning equipment in your network. Should that access point fail, our management software automatically adjusts the power and channels of neighboring access points to eliminate any gaps in coverage, providing next-generation self-healing – no monitoring required.


At Extreme Networks, we understand that protecting the sensitive data and the performance of your wireless solution is critical – which is why we extend beyond the requirements of HIPAA to offer built-in, uncompromising security. Our hardware and software security solutions work together to create a fortress around your wireless network, protecting the wired and wireless network and your data from unauthorized access. The Layer 2 firewall on our access points add an extra layer of protection as your data travels from sender to recipient. And since our WLANs automatically detect and respond instantly to any wireless threat from rogue devices to network vulnerabilities – security has never been easier nor compliance with government regulations more cost-effective, from HIPAA to PCI.


While the self-healing capabilities of Extreme Networks’ adaptive wireless networks automatically spot and address many network problems before they impact service quality, other network issues do require human intervention to troubleshoot and resolve. Extreme’s AirDefense Network Assurance solution allows IT to proactively and remotely optimize, identify, and resolve network issues – often eliminating the need to dispatch a technician to the site. The result? Network availability and reliability with minimal management, effort, and cost.


When you choose ExtremeWireless WiNG, you get superior support for advanced applications – a host of integrated capabilities ready to go right out of the box. With support for Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN), healthcare providers can put cost effective mobile voice in the hands of physicians, nurses and staff. Advanced support for VoWLAN enables push- to-talk and more for employees inside the four walls as well as in outside areas.There are many applications running over your wireless LAN, but how are you managing and controlling them? ExtremeWireless WiNG incorporates application visibility and control for over 1500 applications, providing the granular control you need to prioritize critical applications, while throttling others, or even blocking others, to ensure the most critical applications can run at their required performance.


Our WLANs are designed to minimize infrastructure requirements and management time, lowering the overall cost of purchasing and managing your WLAN. As a distributed architecture, controller services are available at every access point and remote branch office, minimizing WAN utilization and keeping costs low. Security and other policy enforcement is implemented at the network edge, providing a site-survivable network. ExtremeWireless WiNG gives you more license-free native features, from RADIUS servers and firewalls to wireless IPS, VPN gateways, DHCP servers, and zero-port controllers. No need to purchase additional equipment that must be integrated into your network and managed separately, further reducing capital and operational network costs.


Extreme’s comprehensive wireless LAN portfolio can meet your networking needs, regardless of how small or large your facility’s is today – from a long-term care facility to a large hospital campus or multi-facility network that includes hospitals, clinics, and other offices distributed across town, across the country, or around the world. Our wireless networks can easily grow as your