Extreme Networks’ Intuitive Insights and Zebra Edge Insights

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Now your customers can know what’s truly happening on their network and their Zebra devices, with a single cloud-based solution that delivers real-time performance insights.

  • Proactively monitor and manage end-to-end user experiences.
  • Get real-time actionable insights from your network and devices.
  • Directly measure user and app experiences.
  • See how your devices and network are performing.
  • Perform easy root cause analysis for troubleshooting.
  • Pinpoint the exact location of performance degradation.
  • Correlate network and client events to reduce disruption.
  • Reduce time to detection, resolution, and validation.

360° Device-to-Network Visibility from Virtually Anywhere

Extreme Networks’ Intuitive Insights and Zebra Edge Insights work together to integrate and deliver real-time device-to-network data via the cloud, so your customers can ensure better user experiences and resolve network or device issues faster.

Fast and Easy Deployment with Immediately Actionable Insights

Extreme Intuitive Insights is part of the ExtremeCloud IQ platform and delivers unprecedented visibility into your network and devices, so you can improve user experiences and operational performance while simplifying IT troubleshooting.

  • Deploy it and configure it on Zebra devices with a few clicks.
  • Zoom into your network and thousands of devices to view real-time performance.
  • See an end-to-end view of user experience and identify the point where failures happen.
  • Pinpoint the exact location and root causes of what’s happening.
  • Get historical benchmarks and immediate alerts if a change creates an issue.
  • Get packet-capture analysis remotely and automatically

A Combined Solution for Unified Prevention and Troubleshooting

With Intuitive Insights, your customers can say goodbye to using multiple platforms and software solutions to monitor and manage their networks and devices. They can combine the best of both worlds in one solution that helps them proactively deliver outstanding network and device performance.

  • Integrates real-time data from Zebra Edge Insights and Extreme Intuitive Insights
  • Delivers true 360° device-to-network visibility and two-way intelligence
  • Leverages the cloud to both prevent and reduce time to troubleshooting
  • Enables quick isolation and proactive flagging of network and device issues:
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Roaming
  • Application performance
  • Voice performance

Start Simplifying Your Customers’ Network and Device Management

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