Clinical Efficiency and Staff Satisfaction

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Improved outcomes are essential for the success and survival of hospitals. Healthcare organizations are under constant pressure to enhance patient care and safety, increase operational efficiency, and reduce the cost of care delivery. Today, clinicians rely on technology to effectively do their jobs, so it is important that healthcare organizations continually evaluate new solutions, processes, and workflows that support smart health services and achieve the Quadruple Aim of improving population health. With a clinical-grade, cloud-driven network, healthcare providers can improve business agility and clinical operations, so staff can stay focused on what matters most.

Critical Technology Issues

Resilient Infrastructure to Drive Intelligent Clinical Operations Hospital rooms today are flooded with technology and applications that monitor and submit patient critical data to clinical devices like EMR systems. Healthcare organizations that properly analyze and utilize this information can achieve smart clinical operations by providing pertinent information to decision-makers in real-time. This automated orchestration of data, performed by artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, enables healthcare providers to accelerate workflows, streamline processes, enhance treatment plans and care, and reduce costs by better balancing resources with demand.

It is no longer sufficient for healthcare networks and infrastructure to be fast and reliable; real-time health systems require data and intelligence to achieve proactive situational awareness and clinical efficiency. With its Automated Campus architecture, Extreme Networks is redefining networking for healthcare organizations embracing digital transformation. It provides the insights needed to enhance the patient and clinician experience through a resilient, self-healing network with comprehensive analytics, intelligent hyper-segmentation, and bandwidth optimization.

Simple, Smart, and Secure Networking for Sustainable Cost Control
Healthcare is a business. Therefore, cost reduction and revenue generation are top-of-mind initiatives for industry executives. Through digital transformation, healthcare organizations can remain competitive and secure new business by creating situational awareness and providing new clinical, management, and operational capabilities. In addition, leveraging data-driven intelligence helps drive an orchestration of clinical and business activities that align with cost control goals.

Legacy networks cannot efficiently handle the complexities of a digital transformation. The intelligence capabilities of the network must be able to scale to keep pace with the increased intricacy of a clinical network, while maintaining the functionality of older, legacy devices and systems. Healthcare organizations must be able to deploy and onboard critical devices faster and with more efficiency, prevent cyber-attacks at every entry point, and do it all while delivering a consistent and personalized user experience. Extreme Networks makes it all possible with simplicity, security, and intelligence that significantly drive down operating costs for long-term sustainability.

High Performance Wi-Fi to Achieve Business Agility
Wi-Fi in healthcare has become as necessary as oxygen. Whether it’s connecting workstations on wheels, barcode scanners, IV infusion pumps, or phones, the network must be capable of connecting all Wi-Fi enabled devices that hospitals and medical facilities leverage today for real-time clinical care. To operate smoothly, there can be no bottlenecks from the Wi-Fi access points, back through the wired infrastructure, and all the way to the broadband internet connection and the data center. These connections must be highly available and fault tolerant to insure uninterrupted service.

With a resilient Wi-Fi infrastructure from Extreme Networks, healthcare organizations gain an efficient means to on-board and manage critical medical devices used by clinicians with the necessary security capabilities for patient data compliance. Hospitals will streamline and automate their network to enable faster changes, quicker deployment of new applications, and more intuitive troubleshooting for heightened business agility.

Deep Visibility to Gain Real-time Insight and Resolution
Connected medical devices often outnumber clinicians. Healthcare organizations are facing increasing challenges due to the influx of device types running on the network, including personal devices and life critical medical equipment. The ability to deliver a consistent user experience across all devices is critical to clinical efficiency and outcomes. Patient care is reliant on instant, safe, and secure connectivity to the applications that are needed.

Visibility into medical device communications, location, performance, and patterns of activity are vital to optimizing clinical care. Extreme Networks provides real-time application visibility and performance monitoring to ensure critical devices are working when and how they are supposed to. In addition, AI/ML powered analytics deliver proactive situational awareness to boost staff communication and engagement. With a centralized, clouddriven management system, monitoring is streamlined and simplified for administrators, so workflow service delivery to clinicians and staff is optimized.

Comprehensive Service and Support
Hospitals never close and neither does Extreme’s 100% insourced Global Technical Access Center (GTAC.) 24/7 support ensures that all questions can be answered promptly to keep the network functioning at all times. Extreme Networks is the only company in the industry that takes an architectural approach to bringing products to market from R&D to product release. As a result, all of our network products, from wireless to wired, are managed by a single network screen for easy management by constrained healthcare IT teams.


Healthcare organizations today are balancing the complexities of digital transformation with innovative technology, maintaining safety and compliance, and dealing with age-old challenges like streamlining processes and maintaining connectivity – all to drive better patient outcomes. Safeguarding critical patient information and meeting regulatory compliance is essential to protect people, places, and assets from the ever-present threat of breaches. Extreme Networks delivers the end-toend clinical-grade infrastructure solutions healthcare organizations need to meet the reliability, scalability, security, and intelligence required for life, patient, and mission critical initiatives.

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