What is cloud networking and why is now the best time to move to the cloud


What is cloud networking?

Cloud-based network management or cloud networking provides unified management, visibility, and insight to support, security, location, and user-specific services.

What is unique about Extreme’s cloud approach?

ExtremeCloudTM IQ’s suite of applications can be hosted in a public cloud, a private slice of a public cloud, as a cloud at the customer network edge, or as a hybrid cloud. Only Extreme offers this deployment flexibility with operational consistency.

What are the benefits of cloud networking?

Cloud-managed networking enables greater efficiency and cost savings. New features and capabilities are rolled out as software-as-a-service, no need for planned downtime and no risk to other services.

Why cloud-based management, now?

Business and technology landscapes both continue to evolve, there has never been a better time for cloud networking and its scalability, resilience, and performance benefits.

How does Extreme’s cloud enable business transformation?

Unified, cloud-managed networks enable new sites and service deployment with lower risk. Intuitive workflows reduce errors and time spent. Explainable ML insights enable customers to identify and act on issues before they impact operations and user experience.


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