Worldwide Stages Personalizes Networking for A-List Clients


Worldwide Stages is a 320,000+ square foot premier production facility located just south of Nashville, USA, dedicated to music, TV and film production. Worldwide Stages aims to provide a new level of service, convenience, safety, and security to the entertainment production industry.



  • Maintain stable, high-speed internet access and supportive network infrastructure for production crews and all types of projects
  • Monitor network performance to provide the best quality client experiences
  • Scalable solution to aid in the growth and diversification of business practices
"The scalability aspect of what Extreme provides will be a game changer for growth and how we can cost effectively grow this business."
David Kotsch
Vice President of IT, Worldwide Stages

Extreme Solutions

  • ExtremeWireless™
  • ExtremeCloud™ IQ
  • ExtremeSwitching™



Centralized Management

  • Single pane of glass view of entire network for analytics, troubleshooting, and management
  • Ability to map out services to optimal locations across facilities

Tiered Internet Services

  • Provide various production and internet tiers/packages based on client speed, bandwidth, and technological requirements
  • Offer separate, autonomous internet systems that will not be interfered with by other ongoing productions

Scalable Flexibility

  • Ability to quickly change and modify network infrastructure to accommodate clients as needed
  • Cost effective solution helps enable business growth and efficient resource management