Extreme Allows Modern University Students to be Ready for the Rapid Changes in the Digital World

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The University of Management and Technology aims to build a positive and successful learning environment where every student is developed to their fullest potential. The ability to readily adapt to any changes in the digital world 4.0 and become a global citizen are just some of the achievements students strive towards.



  • Prepare students for the rapidly evolving digital world
  • Provide students open learning environment that embraces digital transformation
  • Support UMT’s tech-centric curriculum and the growing volume of devices used by faculty and students
  • Secure wireless solution that limited user interruption
  • Scalable network capable of supporting evolving digital needs
"The majority of our students are Gen Z and demand always-available Wi-Fi...This is a core part of our goal to prepare them for the digital world 4.0. Extreme Networks’ Wi-Fi 6 solutions allows us to support all of their devices and keep the content flowing."
Nguyên Ngọc Nguyên
Director of Office of IT and Digital Transformation, UMT

Extreme Solutions

  • ExtremeWireless™
  • ExtremeSwitching™



Secure and Stable Platform for Digital Learning

  • Total campus coverage with Extreme’s Wi-Fi 6-enabled access points provides reliable device connectivity for the entire campus with no dead spots
  • Robust infrastructure ensures no user interruptions while accessing core curriculum and services
  • Digital learning enhancements with access to latest software and applications

Moving at the Speed of Higher Education

  • New network architecture deployed quickly, giving UMT students and faculty online access without delays
  • Additional network capacity to support immediate use of critical learning applications and growing number of devices

Modern Switching Architecture Simplifies Management

  • High-density switching platforms helped the university save space and conserve energy
  • Power over Ethernet (POE) support ensured that security cameras, wireless access points and other devices are always available and connected
  • Easy-to-scale network architecture will make expansion into new buildings simple at this growing, digitally-focused university