Southington Public Schools Facilitate Modern Learning Environment

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Southington Public Schools (SPS) is a district located in Connecticut that serves 6,200+ students in grades PreK through 12. Founded in 1779, the district oversees twelve schools, providing educational services via 725 faculty members. The mission of SPS is to engage students in a range of academic experiences to become informed, adaptive problem solvers who are committed to improving themselves and their communities.



  • Difficulty connecting student and faculty devices across multiple schools
  • Significant increased number of devices connecting to network
  • Improve uptime to 100%
  • Enhanced bandwidth to support critical, bandwidth-hungry learning applications
"Support is 100% a selling point. If you're working with [other vendors] you might not get called back for days. You might not get a replacement for a broken device for days, whereas with Extreme, broken switch was replaced a day later."
Tyler Savage
Network Manager, Southington Public Schools

Extreme Solutions

  • ExtremeSwitching™
  • ExtremeWireless™
  • ExtremeCloud™ IQ



  • Seamless deployment of modern network infrastructure
  • Easy onboarding of existing switches and APs simplified phase out of old hardware to upgraded equipment
  • Improved uptime means less interruption in classroom, giving back value time to teachers
  • Reliable connectivity for thousands of devices across the district
  • Scalable solutions will meet the future needs of the district as it grows and develops new initiatives requiring a high performing network