Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital Centralizes Operations with Fabric

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After the merger of the Elisabeth and TweeSteden Hospitals, Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital (ETZ) became one of the largest in the Netherlands. The ETZ houses a top clinical training facility and trauma center, and has three locations that serve all residents of the North Brabant region and beyond.



  • Consolidated network for all hospital locations
  • Single, simplified management interface
  • Secure, flexible user and medical device connectivity
  • Scalable connectivity and deployment for future expansion projects
"Using Fabric, migrations are now much easier and cause little to no downtime. Moving core switches can be done without downtime. Expanding new ports and switches is much easier and doesn’t require configuration. The network does that all by itself, is much faster, and more reliable with these tasks."
Dennis Groen
Senior Project Manager, Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital

Extreme Solutions

  • Extreme Fabric Connect™
  • ExtremeAnalytics™



Consolidated Networks and Management

  • One network for entire organization with single management interface reduces work and strain on IT
  • Downtime minimized with automated network deployments, migrations, and segmentation
  • Merged IT services, infrastructure, networks, and telephony

Scalable Connectivity

  • Secure, segmented connections for onsite partners, companies, and users with flexible management
  • No need for high level of expertise or costly staff to expand standard parts of network
  • Connectivity available to all staff, medical specialists, and guests in all locations
  • Future-proof network can scale as needed for expansion plans

Connected Medical Equipment

  • Operational and cost benefits for connected specialized medical systems and equipment
  • Protection of outdated medical endpoints will forgo need to replace or modify equipment
  • No need to build separate network for medical equipment alone