Burnley College Builds First-Rate Student Experience on First-Class Network

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Burnley College is a nationally-recognised further education institution in Burnley, Lancashire serving approximately 9,000 students with a staff of more than 600. The college has been consistently ranked as one of the top in the UK for more than a decade due to the strength of its apprenticeship programs and the dedication and commitment of staff to creating first-class learning experiences. In 2022, Burnley College was named the No. 1 College in the country based on achievement rate tables for learners aged 16 to 18.

In partnership with NetProtocol, an Extreme Diamond Partner with expertise in the education sector, and Extreme Networks, Burnley College began a journey to transform its wired and wireless network infrastructure into a dynamic, strategic asset that served as the enabler for key campus initiatives and expansion.



  • Legacy infrastructure needed to be updated to support uptime and capacity demands while eliminating wireless trouble spots
  • Agile network that could provide secure, resilient connectivity to support new in-classroom technology and lab environments
  • Improved troubleshooting capabilities and a need for deeper insight and analytics into network performance
"ExtremeCloud IQ gives us that extra troubleshooting capability and extra information about the network that we just didn't have before."
Nick Williams
Infrastructure Lead, Network Services, Burnley College

Extreme Solutions

  • Extreme Wireless Access
  • Extreme Wired Access
  • ExtremeCloud™ IQ



Enhanced Network Performance

  • Achieved an impressive 99.8% network uptime, highlighting the success of the network infrastructure upgrade and Burnley’s improved operational efficiency
  • Significant reduction in trouble tickets driven by an improvement in network stability and reliability
  • ExtremeCloud IQ made it easier to troubleshoot network issues by providing granular insights into network performance, client history, signal strength, and AP workload
  • Extensive site survey work and wireless deployment by NetProtocol’s experienced team eliminated dead zones and enhanced the campus wireless experience

Powering State-of-the-Art Facilities

  • Enhanced network supports cutting-edge amenities including esports arenas, new laboratory environments, and an advanced engineering center
  • Modern campus amenities help Burnley tailor the classroom experience through collaboration with local businesses, resulting in better academic outcomes and job placements
  • Extreme’s VLAN capabilities make it easy to increase network security by isolating sensitive equipment onto a separate network

Future Expansion Strategies

  • Strong network foundation will help Burnley College’s IT team support an upcoming expansion of its campus
  • Continued integration of technological advancements in robotics and automation, leveraging Extreme's capabilities to ensure secure segregation for specialised areas, paving the way for a dynamic and secure learning environment