Brazilian Retailer Brings Unprecedented Connectivity to the Amazon


Bemol is a Brazilian retail chain that spans more than 50 municipalities across the Western Amazon with 80 physical stores, pharmacies, and markets, five distribution centers, and 4,100 employees. Bemol also maintains a robust e-commerce presence that serves all of Brazil. They are the largest retail chain serving their region of the country, one that presents unique logistical and distribution challenges.

With its operations located in remote cities and villages in the Amazon region, it is crucial to deliver a high-performing, scalable, and most importantly reliable network to the retailer's stores and distribution centers. Additionally, Bemol wanted to provide its customers in these isolated areas with free public Wi-Fi, as in most cases it was the only available connectivity for dozens to hundreds of miles.



  • Large scale deployment of wireless network infrastructure to extremely remote locations
  • Resilient and reliable connectivity critical to retail and distribution operations
  • Capacity to support both store and customer devices
"Our main challenge was choosing technology that helped us maintain everything in the background and didn't interfere with our customers' [experience]. In this way, we have had a successful relationship [with Extreme]."
França Bandeira
Director of IT, Lojas Bemol

Extreme Solutions

  • ExtremeWireless™
  • ExtremeCloud IQ™



  • Enhanced communications via upgraded Wi-Fi network to stores and distribution centers
  • Uninterrupted customer experiences in store and online
  • Eliminated downtime increases operational efficiencies