Happy 50th Birthday Ethernet – A Video Celebration!


The golden jubilee of Ethernet has arrived, and we've been producing a series of engaging and informative content over the past several months. This celebratory series is intended to highlight the multi-faceted progression of Ethernet and applaud its substantial role in shaping our interconnected world. Even after five decades of existence, Ethernet technology holds its position as the unspoken powerhouse of our connected world.

The series commenced with an introductory blog post exploring the origin and early growth of Ethernet, tracing back to its birth in 1973. It offered a detailed timeline of its progression and the landmark achievements that shaped its journey. This narrative was broadened in a later blog post with a thorough examination of the various innovations inspired by Ethernet during its 50-year existence. Additionally, we recently shared this snazzy infographic to provide a snapshot of Ethernet’s history and future trajectory.

Today, however, is a significant date - May 22nd, 2023, marks the official 50th birthday of Ethernet. To commemorate this event, we have produced a special video. We warmly invite you to join us in this celebration by watching the video and immersing yourself in the rich history and future potential of Ethernet:

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