Stadium & Venue WiFi: Discover Networking For Sports & Entertainment

Rethink the Network as a Differentiator for Better Business Outcomes

Enhancing Fan Engagement

Wi-Fi 6E connectivity enables seamless social media sharing, instant updates, and personalized content, igniting emotions while creating an immersive fan experience.

Streamlining Venue Operations

Strong network infrastructures improve ticketing, security, and staff collaboration while providing data-driven insights for better resource allocation and operational planning.

Increasing Revenue

High-speed Wi-Fi connectivity and Wi-Fi Analytics enable premium services, interactive advertising, targeted promotions, and data-driven marketing initiatives, boosting revenue generation and fan engagement.
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Sports and Venues all Over the World Rely on Extreme

Discover how NASCAR will drive innovative and unique fan experiences with Wi-Fi 6 and Analytics

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Find out why the NFL has trusted Extreme for 9 seasons, and how we partnered to deliver a superior game-day experience.

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Learn how Extreme's solutions enabled MLB to provide seamless and effortless connections through Cloud, Mobility, and Analytics

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Learn how the NHL get better performance from all Wi-Fi-based services through ExtremeAnalytics

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Explore why the Red Devils have chosen Extreme to transform the fan experience

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Learn how Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi analytics are enhancing the matchday experience at Anfield Stadium.

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How Extreme Networks Advances the In-Venue Experience

Sports leagues around the world need the right tools to meet their business requirements while improving and advancing the overall venue experience. Extreme Networks offers a range of networking solutions that can help enhance the fan experience, increase engagement and revenue, improve operations, reduce operational risk and differentiate sports and entertainment venues from competitors.
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