Your IT Team Can Be Everything at Once with the Right CoPilot

IT teams are expected to be everything at once.

Networks are more complex, cyber threats are more prevalent, and budgets are tighter than ever. Yet, organizations worldwide expect their IT teams to continue to do more under these conditions with less staff, less money, and fewer resources.

Your IT team needs a CoPilot that will take on some of your staff’s workload to help them focus on more important matters and complete tasks efficiently. ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot is the solution to your IT team’s problem.

Be Everywhere at Once

Hybrid work environments have become the norm, but that has put more strain on your IT staff as they now need to keep your users connected anywhere, at any time, on any device. CoPilot can help your team be everywhere your users are to ensure a seamless, secure connection by giving them the tools they need to combat increasing network complexity.

With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can also give your team the ability to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks. This gives them the time to focus on improving security and maintaining network connectivity.

See Everything at Once

Your team will be able to see what is going on within their network to address potential threats before they can cause serious network problems, thanks to the anomaly detection capabilities with CoPilot. This will allow your team to shift to a more proactive role to get ahead of issues rather than constantly reacting to the next conflict.

Prepare for Anything at Once

IT teams are constantly trying to optimize the network so it can perform to meet demands. With CoPilot, you can use digital twin to help with implementing new devices and staging configurations before deploying. This will allow you to see endless possibilities and potential conflicts that might arise so you are prepared for whatever happens and know how to respond.

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With the right CoPilot, your IT team can be everything at once and adapt to constantly shifting demands for your network.

For more information about CoPilot, visit our product page.

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