Wireless LAN Professionals Speak: AP4000 is the product of the year

Every year, at the Wireless LAN Professionals Conference, the Wi-Fi Awards, recognizes companies, individuals, and products that demonstrate excellence and achievements with extraordinary contributions to the community. The award recipients exemplify the highest standards to promote and expand the wireless industry. It is an honor to learn that the 2022 Product of the Year winner is………. drumroll please…….

Access Point 4000 from Extreme Networks

Congratulations, Team Extreme, on your engineering excellence! This award validates that 6 GHz and Wi-Fi 6E have truly arrived. Every day, a beautiful new client device such as the Samsung S22 is announced expanding the list of clients that support 6 GHz.

Thank you to all our customers and partners who have joined us to start an adventurous Wi-Fi journey using the new 6 GHz superhighway. The availability of the 6 GHz frequency band is the biggest thing to happen to Wi-Fi in the past two decades. We promise you will have an incredible Wi-Fi experience speeding through this new pristine RF spectrum.

Hats off to the hard-working Extreme engineers that we referenced in the previous blogs, ‘Extreme Networks Customer sends packets flying through 6 GHz space’ and ‘Sneak Peak into 6 GHz visibility’.

The best news is that we are shipping Wi-Fi 6E APs in volume now!

To learn more about Access Point 4000, check this out:

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This blog was originally authored by Jeevan Patil, Senior Director, Product Management

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