Winning the Supply Chain Scramble with Accuracy and Transparency

If you’ve paid any attention to the news cycle over the past 18 months, you know that the predictions of when supply chain issues would ease up is all over the map. You have some pundits saying that we’ll start to see relief in mid-2022 and others predicting the uncertainty will last into 2023. However, the ability to manufacture chipsets quickly is just one piece of the puzzle. The rising costs of cargo containers, the lack of workforce to transport freight, and the backup in ports are other variables making it difficult to predict timing of delivery.

At Extreme, we’ve stayed very close to the evolving nature of supply chain issues. We meet daily to discuss the latest developments and gameplan how we’ll tackle new challenges. We regularly explore creative workarounds to get ahead of challenges and stay in constant contact with key suppliers like Broadcom to get a sense of how key partners, distributors and customers may be impacted by new developments. Communication and transparency is a constant– because our relationships are the most important thing at stake.

When we met with VP of Supplier Services, Cody Fritz of ScanSource, at our partner conference, he told us that it’s really important they get “accurate, transparent information, and that’s something that Extreme Networks just does a fantastic job with.” ScanSource is one of Extreme’s key distributors and they’re critical to our continued success.

Check out my interview with Cody to learn more about how ScanSource is managing through the supply chain uncertainty. Here’s a hint: communicate, communicate, communicate.

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