Wi-Fi 6E - It's almost like Wi-Fi is being born again

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I recently had the pleasure to speak to a room full of Wi-Fi technical professionals about the biggest thing to happen for Wi-Fi technology in the past 15 years… Wi-Fi 6E. The future of Wi-Fi has arrived, the spectrum bonanza of 6 GHz.

I had 60 minutes to discuss some of the technical highlights of using the 6 GHz frequency band for Wi-Fi communications with my peers.

In those 60 minutes I discussed:

  • Rapid growth of 6 GHz spectrum availability throughout the world
  • Various Wi-Fi device classes for indoor and outdoor communication
  • Potential new wireless use cases that 6 GHz provides
  • Out-of-band AP discovery mechanisms
  • 6 GHz Wi-Fi security implications
  • Wi-Fi 6E wired and wireless design considerations

Wi-Fi 6E and the availability of 6 GHz spectrum is truly a gamechanger. So, I challenged the audience of expert Wi-Fi professionals to think out-of-the-box for new and creative ways to design and deploy 6 GHz Wi-Fi in the enterprise. I do not doubt that we will all learn much more within a short year as tactical deployments of Wi-Fi 6E have begun.

In the meantime, the video of my presentation at the 2022 wirelessLAN Professionals Conference (WLPC) in Phoenix is now available for all to view.

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David Coleman
Director, Wireless Networking at the Office of the CTO

David D. Coleman is the Director of Wireless Networking at the Office of the CTO for Extreme Networks. David is a technology evangelist, public speaker and proficient author.

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