Why Partners and Distributors Continue to Choose Extreme

Our channel partners don’t just provide networking products, they understand each customer’s unique story and build a solution that supports their future goals. For example, one story might be a large public venue looking to turn their IT department into a profit center that would enhance the visitor’s experience. Another story might be a manufacturing facility or warehouse looking to modernize its network to create a consistent infrastructure across the organization to improve efficiency and performance.

We are so proud to have a network of partners that align with and support our vision of the Infinite Enterprise. Together, we are future-proofing networks through solutions that focus on reliability, scalability, cost efficiency, and ease-of-use.

At Extreme’s Ignite 2022 Global Sales and Partner Conference, we had the opportunity to speak with several partners and distributors and get their thoughts on what it’s really like to work with Extreme.

Two key themes we heard throughout the interviews are:

1. The support, training, and services we offer to our Extreme Partners and Distributors provide them with the knowledge and confidence to solve our customers’ complex problems and set them up for success over the long term.

2. Extreme Partners and Distributors highly value our cloud-focused portfolio of products and solutions and feel that they align with their future business goals. We’re excited to spotlight these Extreme Partner stories below. We hope you find them enlightening – we certainly do!

#1 Sal Loschiavo from Jenne Distribution

“The benefits of partnering with Extreme – there’s a number of them…The biggest one is their recent track record and how they’ve cloudified the portfolio. Their strategy is now being implemented – and it’s paying off.” - Sal Loschiavo, Vice President of Field Sales, Jenne Inc.


#2 Jdee Flemming from SolidIT Networks

“Extreme has helped us grow our business because they’re with you in the fight. They go down the dark alleys with you, they help you with customer issues, and they’re there to support you in the good times, too…they’re just good folks.” - Jdee Flemming, President, SolidIT Networks


#3 José Roberto Maldonado from ECSSA

“We’ve been working with Extreme for more than 12 years…Our favorite part is that the technology that Extreme delivers works – and fulfills our customers’ needs.” – José Roberto Maldonado, Regional Manager, ECSSA






#4 Fabio Capecelatro from Ingram Micro

“Our favorite part about working with Extreme is the vision they have for the cloud… And the other thing is their portfolio. The variety of products that they have, the ability to scale from one node into thousands, and that they make them more manageable through the cloud applications they have, definitely makes for an interesting value proposition for our customers.” – Fabio Capecelatro, Director of Advanced Solutions EMEA, Ingram Micro


#5 Mike Kreykes from Advantage Communications Group

“Our ability and Extreme’s ability to help customers solve business problems by using their technology to migrate to the cloud – I see that as a tremendous opportunity. In addition, their OpEx model, I think, coupled with our OpEx cost reduction will be an amazing value proposition.” – Mike Kreykes, Senior Solutions Consultant, Advantage Communications Group


#6 Nick Winch from Qirx

“We’ve seen extraordinary growth over the last few years. Even given the difficulties of the supply chain in the last 6-12 months, we’ve still managed to continue to build our Extreme business.” – Nick Winch, Qirx


#7 Yong Seok Jang from eKnow Technology

“I think it is good they are able to provide a lot of sales and engineering training for customers…I like how they provide sales training opportunities as well.

In preparation for the competition, we are getting a lot of help in sales and technical support.” – Yong Seok Jang, Planning Manager, eKnow Technology


#8 Guido Franck from Telenet

“We have been working with Extreme Networks for at least 25 years. What we appreciate the most about our partnership with Extreme is the way they deliver us the right services – it makes a big difference against our competitors…I know major analysts, such as Gartner, says that Extreme has the best service, and I can confirm that. It’s a very good service. We have a next business day delivery in Belgium, and we also appreciate the local presence of Extreme’s system engineers.” Guido Franck, Telenet

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