Why I believe in Incremental Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Healthcare

You’ve probably heard the term artificial intelligence (AI) before in conversation or lurking on the fringes of pop culture (think the Matrix, I, Robot, and maybe Black Mirror). In healthcare, AI is starting to take a more serious role — and its presence is becoming more and more prevalent.

An incremental adoption of AI may be less headline grabbing than say an AI healthcare revolution, but it’s just as impactful. We should be talking about incremental AI in healthcare more because it can make a huge difference in terms of improving outcomes while decreasing costs.

Just recently I wrote an article for Healthcare Business Today about the need for an incremental approach to adopting artificial intelligence (AI) the healthcare industry. For a deeper discussion on this topic, take a moment to peruse the article:

The Case for Incremental AI in Healthcare

“The promise of new technology is always exciting — but it takes time to be fully realized. One day, AI may well treat patients or help conduct surgeries. For now, it’s making small, meaningful waves in the healthcare industry and both hospitals and patients can greatly benefit from what it has to offer.”

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