Where is the 5G? - The daily commute

Not a single news cycle goes by without mentioning 5G wireless technology. But have you ever thought about which wireless technologies the average person uses daily? Everyone uses wireless technologies hundreds of times each day. They might think they are using 5G, but they might instead be using Wi-Fi. They don't even realize which wireless technologies they are using most of the time. Which wireless technologies are prevalent at home? What about when people are mobile in cars, buses, or planes? Do people use Wi-Fi, 5G, or Bluetooth at work and during leisure? Or is it a combo of all these technologies that have enabled all of us to no longer depend entirely on wires?

We decided to present a few animated videos that follow the daily life of an average IT professional and where he uses 5G technology, Wi-Fi, and other RF technologies for connectivity. In the first episode, his day started at home. In episode 2, we follow our IT hero as he commutes to work.

Watch Episode 2 and listen to the commentary of Marcus Burton and David Coleman from the Office of the CTO at Extreme Networks

This blog was originally authored by Marcus Burton, Architect, Cloud Technology

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