Use Cases for Network AIOps


AIOps is changing the way that IT teams operate.

As expectations from end-users continue to rise, IT teams are expected to get more done with less resources, less budget, and no increase in headcount. When they implement ML/AI solutions to help with their network management, they can essentially gain more IT hands without more IT hires.

Let’s dive into some of the use cases of Extreme Networks’ AIOps solution, ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot, and how it is already impacting organizations across all kinds of industries.

Watch this clip to learn more about some of the different use cases of CoPilot and read on for more information about how different industries can benefits from AIOps.

Identifying Connectivity Issues

Your end-users are only as productive as the network they are connected to. In order to ensure that the network is working at its best so your users can do the same, IT teams need to be constantly monitoring performance and identifying risks to network performance. With limited staff and only so much time in a day, IT teams do not have the bandwidth to do that on top of their constantly growing to-do list.

When you equip your IT team with an AIOps solution, machine learning algorithms paired with artificial intelligence can monitor the network so your team can work on other more pressing matters. ML/AI will notify the IT team if there is something wrong that they should be aware of and can even use historical data to provide a recommended fix.

Learn how a college was able to improve network connection to their auditorium to ensure students are able to learn without fear of lost connection with the help of AIOps.

Addressing Slow Applications

It can be frustrating for your end-users when they are trying to get things done and their applications are loading slowly. It is a problem that can be tied back to the network, but often goes unreported to IT staff.

Once IT is aware of the slow connection, it could still be hours or days of troubleshooting before a solution to the problem can be put into action. With AIOps monitoring network performance, you won’t have to wait for someone to report the problem and a recommended solution can save time spent troubleshooting.

Learn how one enterprise was able to identify a connectivity issue that had previously been going undetected thanks to their AIOps solution.

Other AIOps Resources

For more information about ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot, the networking AIOps solution offered by Extreme Networks built to help you improve IT operations, visit our product page.

Watch our webinar where we cover how CoPilot can help IT teams be everywhere at once to ensure optimal user experiences: On-Demand Webinar

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