Driving Better Outcomes: The Power of Value-Added Distribution in Today's Agile Market


In the rapidly evolving landscape of today’s market, Extreme Networks leans heavily on our distribution partners. These distributors are the unsung heroes, helping hundreds to thousands of vendors across various industries.

The Role of Distributors in Multi-Channel Ecosystems

Our distributors are subject matter experts in multi-channel ecosystems. They have extensive knowledge of integrating multiple vendors to drive a solution offering through partners with our joint customers. This ability to integrate multi-vendor solutions is a key aspect of the value-added distribution model.

Accelerating Sales Efforts

Distributors accelerate efforts by providing dedicated support in various areas. They offer services grouped into five main categories:

  • Business Development and Financial Services: This includes dedicated business development contacts, deal registration, flexible financing programs, and digital marketplaces.
  • Design Support and Configuration Services: Services such as network design assistance, firmware updates, wireless predictive surveys, and remote and onsite configuration are offered to ensure optimal network performance.
  • Enablement and Training Services: Distributors provide comprehensive, industry-specific support, virtual training, self-service LMS, certification programs, on-demand resources, and community engagement platforms for interactive learning and problem-solving.
  • Operational Resources: Distributors offer a range of operational resources, including Extreme Networks Microsite and Portals, global operation support, end-to-end portfolio lifecycle management, and world-class self-service systems.
  • Marketing and Demand Generation: Distributors run programs to help optimize pipeline as partners and create a sales funnel with multi-vendor solutions.

In addition to these services, distributors deliver products and scale services across their sales channels. The responsibility of sales is distributed among various partner types, each playing a unique role in the customer's journey. This holistic approach ensures that every aspect of the customer's needs, from the initial interaction to post-sales support, is thoroughly addressed.

Scaling Solutions to All Kinds of Partner Types

By leaning on our distributors, Extreme Networks can scale our solutions to drive different outcomes based on the customer's needs. This allows us to be agile in an ever-evolving market. Distributors who embrace multi-channel distribution must be dynamic and adaptable. They meet omnichannel communication and purchasing expectations from B2B and B2C customers while ensuring that their supply chain procedures are effective and simplified.

The Path to Increased Profitability

In conclusion, the value-added services provided by our distributors are pivotal in today's world. We encourage our partners to work closely with our distributors daily to leverage their services. They go beyond the traditional distribution roles by providing additional services and expertise that enhance product value. As we navigate the complexities of the global market, we will continue to lean on our distributors, recognizing their invaluable contributions to our success. This collaboration is beneficial and essential for increasing profitability and driving new outcomes.

Take the Next Step Towards Driving New Outcomes

We invite all our partners to contact our distributors and explore the opportunities that lie ahead. Our distributors are equipped with the knowledge and resources to help you navigate the complexities of today's market. By collaborating closely with them, you can learn more about how Extreme Networks can help drive new outcomes for you and your customers.

Do not miss this opportunity to leverage the power of value-added distribution in today's agile market. Reach out to our distributors today and let us create a future of increased profitability and success together.

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