Choosing Success: Partners and Distributors Win with Extreme


Extreme’s channel partners go beyond providing networking products for customers. They create solutions that connect, communicate, and carry each customer’s vision of success. From leveling up an IT department to upgrading networks for manufacturing facilities, retail stores, or a convention center to simply maximizing overall efficiency and execution, Extreme partners are leveraging our services and solutions for maximum performance.

Extreme boasts an exceptional network of partners aligned with our vision of the Infinite Enterprise and who amplify our impact across multiple markets and sectors. Together, we are future-proofing networks through solutions that focus on reliability, scalability, cost efficiency, and ease of use.

At Extreme’s Ignite 2023 Global Sales and Partner Conferences, we asked partners and distributors to share their thoughts on the relationship with Extreme and how we collaborate to win.

Choosing Extreme

When asked how Extreme supports their business goals, partners and distributors shared several strengths, but three key themes emerged: relationships, innovation over the competition, and tools and resources.

Watch partners and distributors tell you how working with Extreme advances their business and equips them for success with their customers.



“The beauty with Extreme Networks is it's a white glove approach. Everybody's on deck, from engineering to executive management to the sales teams. Everybody enjoys working together seamlessly to make sure that the business outcomes for the end-user are superb. The relationships that they have with their end-users and with their resellers are second to none.”

Mark Fenter, Solid IT Networks


“There is such a trust and loyalty between both partners, and that makes everything run so smoothly…We are very proud of the relationship we have with Extreme Networks because we've been together for 18 years…They're always looking to where technology is moving and how they can grow and provide a bigger service to the clients in order to make their lives easier.”

Antonio Najera, Reto Industrial SA de CV


“The people from Extreme are excellent…they're easy to do business with…The technical team, the commercial team, the channel, the team that works with us, with the partner program, the agility…are the real difference [with Extreme].”

Andres Campos, Cecom

Innovation over the Competition


“I'm always proud when we're able to go into a net new account and beat out the current manufacturer/vendor and bring Extreme to the table. We're able to differentiate from our competition in the marketplace. And at the end of the day, we're able to drive a significant amount of revenue.”

Tim Limalfa, Capital Data


“… Extreme is probably one of the most innovative solutions that we see right now in this networking space. …We’re really focused on trying to deliver the latest and greatest opportunities for our partners so they can be on the leading edge with their customers.”

Mike Heintzelman, TD Synnex


“…the Extreme vision and strategy stays ahead of all the competition… because they develop solutions that the competition does not have yet. And then we see after a year… that the competition is trying to catch up…” 

Wim Coenen, Conscia

Tools and Benefits


“Some of the benefits that we see with partnering with Extreme is the rebates program. The rebates we get at the end of a quarter, at the end of the year, are very rewarding…and help reward us for our investment in Extreme.” 

David Patterson, Netagen


Within minutes, our resellers will be able to not only get their hardware quotes, but also service renewal quotes. We think partners are really going to love this enhancement and it's going to help us grow our business together. We love to promote with our partners the digital online self-service platform that allows our resellers to run email and run social media campaigns as well as help them get their name out in the marketplace.”

Sal LoSchiavo, Jenne


“The one thing I can say is the team at Extreme is very flexible, very supportive. They have a lot of content. They give trainings and certifications which helps partners, engineers, and technical guys to get certified. “

Ram Meravala, SIEMCOM

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