The Lost Manuscript of Wi-Fi has been Found!

This is the book everyone has been waiting for! I am proud to announce the release of my latest technical suspense novel:

wi-fi 6 & 6E for dummies book cover

Wi-Fi 6 & 6E for Dummies

This eBook is now available as a free download courtesy of Extreme Networks. Some of the topics covered in this free bestseller include:

  • An overview of Wi-Fi 6 technologies including OFMDA, MU-MIMO, TWT, 1024-QAM and BSS coloring
  • Leveraging the 6 GHz spectrum bonanza and all the new use cases
  • Implementing wireless security strategies in a Wi-Fi 6E world
  • Real-world questions about Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E deployment and design considerations for your existing network
  • A deep-dive into the new 6 GHz AP discovery mechanisms
  • Indoor versus outdoor Wi-Fi 6E regulatory discussion

Trust me when I say that this eBook is loaded with enlightening Wi-Fi information. But don’t just believe me, read some of the early reviews:

Louis Henderson
“This book literally changed my life! Or at least changed my Wi-Fi which was always slow before I got to page 63.”
Pops McDaniel
“My dad was a 4G cellular guy, his dad was a 3G cellular guy, and my great-grandfather was all about 2G wireless. What's all this about 5G? Thanks to Coleman’s book, I am forever a Wi-Fi 6 guy!”
Buster Studebaker
“I was up all night. I couldn’t put this book down after learning about Target Wake Time (TWT).”
Zelda Doolittle
“What can I say about this book that hasn't already been said about The Canterbury Tales, Moby Dick, and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare?"

Okay seriously, I wrote this book so people can learn about Wi-Fi 6 efficiency enhancements, the value of the technology as it moves into the 6 GHz spectrum, and the real-world implications of this historic evolution of Wi-Fi technology. Wi-Fi 6 has been an essential technology update, and now Wi-Fi 6E is a monumental spectrum update.

Wi-Fi technology is ingrained into our everyday lives. And now, Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E are part of a wireless paradigm shift toward infinitely distributed connectivity. Enterprise companies need to connect anybody, anywhere, to any other person, device, or application. Wi-Fi 6 technology focuses on high efficiency and Wi-Fi 6E brings us 1200 MHz of new 6 GHz spectrum to deliver an enhanced consumer-centric experience in all enterprise verticals

So please take a moment and download this literary gem. It is my belief that the suspenseful plot of “Wi-Fi 6 & 6E for Dummies” will capture your full attention. But you will need to read every chapter, because I am not going to tell you how the story ends.

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