Stop. It's Dojo Time!

At Extreme Networks, we are obsessed with ensuring our customers get the best customer support and care. We’ve recently been named a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure. We know our customers’ needs and requirements evolve over time and have become more complex – and so have the networks that power them.

We also understand how important it is to ensure that our partners, who are an extension of Extreme, are equipped and trained or certified to better serve our mutual customers while they continue to grow their business.

One of our primary objectives at Extreme is to enable our channel partners to support both customers’ business and technical needs. Whether a partner was recently onboarded, wants to build on existing skills or simply sharpen their knowledge, the ExtremeDojo Training Program can help channel partners build expertise, confidence, and credibility. And, earn a Dojo badge, which can be added to a partner’s achievement and accomplishment.

We launched the ExtremeDojo Training Program at the end of 2018. It was originally designed as an internal employee training tool, but quickly realized the value of this program and extended it to our channel community, as they too would benefit immensely.

We know that some partners prefer onsite and field training, but it's not always cost-effective for each new hire. With Extreme Dojo, you get world-class training from the comfort of your own office, on your schedule, at your own pace, and without any travel costs.

"Extreme Networks has always been a leader in the industry for us, and its Dojo program is radically different than other manufacturer courses as it encourages active learning that facilitates better understanding. What makes the program even more powerful is that the topic coverage is tightly aligned with the company's product strategy and value proposition. The program gave me unprecedented understanding of Extreme's products and the ability to help us find new ways of creating value for our customers." - Navneet Singh, Design Engineer/Instructor, Jenne Inc.

Stop. It’s Dojo time – Learn What We Learn!

For our partners, we follow a philosophy of ‘learn what we learn,’ which means that we release training content on the Dojo at the same time our own people see it. We have new online content categories for you to enjoy:

  • Rainmakers focus on a compelling message for one product or solution. Following a consistent format, the Rainmaker sessions will inspire you with new opportunities to solve your customers’ biggest problems.
  • Powerhours are technical sessions targeted at sale engineers and explain a solution or technology, cover new developments and features and define updated licensing or engineering requirements. They will typically explain the technical value and differentiation in an Extreme solution enabling you to position at a technical level how an Extreme solution addresses customer challenges
  • Demonstrations are examples and illustrations of an Extreme Networks feature in action. Typically, these will showcase a key capability and how this capability can be used to deliver enhanced value from the Extreme network for our customers
  • Under the Hood sessions provide you with a detailed, technical description of an Extreme technology. These sessions are ideal for those wanting a deeper understanding of a solution to support in design, positioning or deployment
  • Compass for Partners provides insight into our vision, strategy and product direction including product development plans. These sessions illustrate how Extreme products are being developed enabling you to be more effective in positioning the latest solutions from Extreme

You can explore now at

Each of these content categories educates our partners with innovative solutions, applicable use cases, and targeted messaging so they can best serve our customers on their digital transformation journey.

Have you taken any of the Dojo classes? We'd love to hear about it on social media – tag us at @ExtremeNetworks! Bonus points if you show us your badges.

If you are an end-user, you too can take Dojo technical classes, click here to sign-up.

This blog was originally authored by David Weal, Senior Program Manager, Training and Enablement.

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