Staying Consistent in the Midst of an Ever-Evolving Supply Chain

Last week, Deloitte Insights wrote a piece stating that Wi-Fi 6 is quietly outselling 5G and they expect that trend to continue for several years to come. In fact, in looking towards 2022 they expect that roughly 2.5 billion Wi-Fi 6 units will ship, compared to just 1.5 billion 5G devices. As Deloitte put it, “Wi-Fi 6, just as much as 5G, has a significant role to play in the future of wireless connectivity—not just for consumers, but also for the enterprise.”

The demand for Wi-Fi 6 and advanced networking solutions has been on the ascent for some time. At Extreme, we’ve been fortunate to be at the center of a networking resurgence. We continue to see great momentum across our business – announcing we were first to ship Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi 6E, setting records for backlog business, and surpassing the $1B in revenue mark for the first time.

However, this surging demand has come with the backdrop of chip shortages and supply chain issues – mostly brought on by the pandemic. And while we’re thrilled to be at the center of a growing industry, we must ensure that we set accurate expectations for our distributors and partners as to when they can get their hands on new product.

When I sat down with Stacy Nethercoat, SVP of Advanced Solutions at TD Synnex recently, we talked a lot about the impact the supply/demand issue has created for her business. TD Synnex is one of the largest distributors of B2B IT Services in the United States. Stacy told us that they have “more orders on PO than ever before” but that managing the ever-changing landscape has been challenging.

In this interview, learn more about how Extreme works closely with TD Synnex to fulfill growing demand – by managing through the crisis with accuracy and transparency. Establishing and maintaining trust is what makes Extreme stand out from competitors.

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