Simplifying Zero-Trust Networks Through Automation

Security has always been a top priority for any company using a digital network for business operations. Keeping private data secure and monitoring suspicious activity are critical steps to follow in order to prevent online attacks from compromising business success. Although most networks have some sort of security measure in place, it may not be enough to handle the recent rise in cybercrime. With the widespread adoption of mobile and IoT devices for both business and personal use, network traffic has become busier than ever. Because of this fact, more sophisticated measures for maintaining a safe network are required to manage these network guests, as each of these devices can become gateways for malicious activity.

Ed Koehler on end-to-end automation

Network solutions providers like Extreme have recognized this problem, and have worked to create “zero-trust” environments which prevent connected devices from functioning beyond their basic purposes. For instance, public networks may prevent WiFi guests from accessing certain sites that are known to have viruses or malware. These networks may also use authorizations when onboarding new guests, so that administrators are always aware of who is logged on. Zero-trust is certainly a critical feature for large scale networks, but maintaining control over every port and entryway is difficult to accomplish with manual processes.

I've covered this topic in detail in the Extreme Solution Showcase discussion, “Zero Touch Fabric and its impact on Zero Trust Networking for the Infinite Enterprise.” The session highlights how automated deployments can offer easier network management, and assist in providing businesses with the necessary protections against sophisticated online threats. It also dives into Extreme’s own approach toward security, and how zero-trust fabric can offer a simplistic yet complete approach to maintaining control, without needing a team of technicians every step of the way.

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