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Every child must have access to high-quality public education. And, for today’s digitally minded students and staff, that means access to technology. Cutting-edge wireless networking solutions are available to primary and elementary schools in the US with the help of E-Rate. Using them, you can build a network that brings a next-generation educational experience within budget.

As edtech weaves its way into everyday curriculum and the digital culture is reflected in how students learn and educators teach, it’s become mandatory to make sure the school network is getting top grades. And yet these things cost precious dollars – dollars that are dwindling for today’s schools. It’s one thing to know what’s needed and a whole other to have the budget and funds to invest and grow.

Doing More with Less

Amy Sterckx, Executive Director of Technology and Information at Green Bay Area Public Schools (GBAPS) in Wisconsin, says school districts are constantly challenged with doing more with less. The ever-increasing list of connected devices plus demand of online programs are making more work for both IT and educational staff. And schools can no longer afford downtime or the risk of falling behind technologically.

It’s a conundrum felt across the globe, and one that all agree needs to be addressed. Children need a quality education and, for today’s students, that involves technology. Each global region has programs and initiatives to help fund the cost for updating school networks. In the United States, it’s E-Rate.

Top-Quality Technology for Schools

E-Rate-proven technology providers are there to help you navigate the application process and create a school network that fits your unique goals. By partnering with E-Rate-approved vendors, you gain access to a selection of technology chosen for both quality and specially for primary and secondary school needs.

Wireless, network management, and WAN edge services are particular strengths of vendors like Extreme Networks. And we’re ready to walk you through the application process and guide you to the technologies that fit your goals.

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Wireless Is Now Mandatory

Green Bay Area Public Schools made use of Extreme Wireless technology to ensure educators across the district could access the resources they need. As Amy Sterckx explains, high-speed Internet access is now critical for teachers across the board.

Wireless networking solutions like Extreme’s have been specially approved by E-Rate to distribute quality high-speed broadband throughout school buildings and libraries. This has made it possible to transform the digital experience for students and staff while enabling network operators to do more with less while easily incorporating more digital elements.

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Getting Top Marks

Green Bay took time to understand the needs of its teachers and students, invest in new wireless network elements and bring change. With wireless now an essential part of delivering quality education, it’s a transition that will bring tremendous improvements.

The school network is the key to delivering today’s best education. And, when selecting from an E-Rate-approved vendor, high-quality networking technology is within reach to achieve top marks at your school.

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