New On-Demand Webinar: Embracing the New Normal in Healthcare - Effective Strategies for IT Leaders

Healthcare organizations have been at the frontline of the pandemic since the start, balancing a rapid response to public needs with an abrupt shift in technology. From temporary testing facilities and safety precautions to a massive increase in telehealth services to continue serving those in need, healthcare has had to make fast changes.

The need for an agile response has given rise to unprecedented complexities. Hospitals, care facilities, and doctors’ offices must redefine care delivery and financial strategies for the long term in order to meet patient demands and adopt the necessary new technology. To help healthcare organizations get ahead of emerging trends, IT design considerations, and financial budgeting requirements in order to effectively support the healthcare operations of the “New Normal,” we brought together a group of healthcare experts in our latest webinar to do a deep dive on:

  • Workforce and technology trends for a digital age in healthcare, including telehealth, contact tracing, and occupancy management, remote patient monitoring, robotics and IoT
  • IT enabling healthcare services for distributed environments, including cloud adoption to drive visibility, insight, and automation
  • The agile evolution of patient and clinical workforce adoption, regulations and compliance changes for incentivized adoption and information sharing across healthcare entities

Featured experts:

Ali Youssef, Principal Mobility and Digital Health Architect with Henry Ford System

Scot Eberie, CEO at FG

Doug McDonald, Director in the office of the CTO, Extreme Networks.

Here’s a quick overview of what they’ll delve into:

Agile response

“Essentially, we have to pivot very quickly when the pandemic struck. And initially, the initial response was setting up triage tents so that we could test as many patients as possible. And then having a framework around understanding, depending how far the tent is from our physical hospitals, how to provide adequate network connectivity in each of those scenarios.” - Ali Youssef, Principal Mobility and Digital Health Architect with Henry Ford System

Emerging technology trends as a result of the pandemic

  • Telemedicine
  • Remote diagnostic tools
  • Digital health services

IT considerations for digital healthcare

  • Creating new service models to extend beyond hospital walls
  • Aligning the network to meet changing demands
  • …and much more!

Watch our on-demand webinar, Embracing the New Normal in Healthcare: Effective Strategies for IT Leaders, to get all the details.

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