New Extreme Academy Instructor Program Helps Organizations Scale Networking Expertise


Extreme has officially launched the new Extreme Academy Instructor program – a series designed to empower both established and emerging IT professionals to become certified Instructors in areas such networking technology, network design and integrated security. An extension of the popular Extreme Academy training series, instructors will gain the knowledge, insights and tools to help scale IT expertise within their increasingly technology-dependent organizations and enrich their existing internal career development and education opportunities. There is no cost to take the Instructor program and all teaching materials are complimentary to anyone who passes the Instructor exam.

Once instructors are certified, they can offer Extreme Academy as an online or in-person course. The Instructor materials include flexible lesson plans and structured teaching resources, making it easy to integrate into existing corporate training programs.

All Extreme Academy courses are available at no cost, on-demand via Extreme’s YouTube channel. Extreme Academy Instructor certifications are currently available for all three technical Extreme Academy courses: Introduction to Future Networking; Building Robust and Secure Wireless Networks; and Building Scalable and Mission Critical Networks.

The Instructor program for each Extreme Academy course features approximately 30 minutes of additional content as a prerequisite for taking the Instructor exam. In addition to a qualified Extreme Academy Instructor certification and badge, instructors that teach and certify more than 30 Extreme Academy participants per year will earn qualified Super Instructor badges. This Super Instructor certification is ideal for channel partners seeking additional training flexibility, as well as mid-sized and large enterprises looking to scale in-house talent. To start your Extreme Academy Instructor training, contact Extreme Networks via

“Becoming an Extreme Academy Instructor has given me the opportunity to help deliver courses that immediately and positively impact the careers of budding professionals in networking. Filling talent gaps is easier and much more cost effective if we can do it through training that helps develop that talent in-house, instead of spending our resources on recruitment. Extreme Academy gives businesses an opportunity to scale their teams faster with existing talent, while offering development and career advancement opportunities.” – David Stooke, Chief Learning Officer at Orccom LTD and Extreme Academy Instructor

“With the growing demand for networking solutions, comes an increased need for networking expertise. Extreme Academy helps organizations build a team of onsite experts, enabling them to get the most value out of their networking solutions. With the Instructor program, we’re helping organizations fight the IT staffing shortage by equipping employees with skills, expertise and education that will create significant value for both the organization and its people. Extreme Academy is a fast-growing community of networking experts that can learn, collaborate and thrive off each other’s knowledge and success.” – Isaac De Abreu, Senior Technical Trainer and Content Creator, Extreme Networks

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