Marek Wasilewski

Vice President – Service Sales, Americas

Marek has an unwavering commitment is to foster positive change through the synergy of collaboration and technology, recognizing that the pinnacle of human performance is achieved when passion and dedication intersect.

With an unshakable belief that science and technology hold the key to our continued existence, Marek envisions a world where the seemingly impossible becomes reality through collective effort.

In his capacity as the Vice President of Service Sales, Americas, Marek spearheads an expansive team responsible for orchestrating Service sales throughout North and Latin America.

With a rich history spanning over two decades, Marek has consistently championed the construction of high-achieving sales teams, nurturing environments primed for triumph. He proudly assumes the role of a digital transformation evangelist, advocating for the betterment of our global community.

Marek's extensive exposure to diverse cultures and professional landscapes has endowed him with a profound understanding of international markets, further elevating his distinctive leadership skill set. His unwavering passion lies in Strength-Based Leadership, orchestrating the development of High-Performance teams dedicated to delivering exceptional Customer Outcomes and unwavering Values.

In 2007, Marek was awarded his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Regent International School of Business, fortifying his expertise with academic prowess.

While a consummate professional, Marek's heart remains tethered to his role as a family man, grounded in unwavering ethical and moral principles. Presently residing with his family in Dallas, Texas, he not only thrives within his career but also revels in an active lifestyle, partaking in the endeavors of the local charity cycling club.