Manufacturing's Path to Digital Transformation

Like other industries, manufacturing facilities have had to deal with a series of new realities, and with them, comes a net set of problems and goals. Some are related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and others stem from a need to become more efficient operationally. The pandemic has created tremendous pressure for manufacturers to keep production flows moving and supply chains effective. But, this pressure and demand for operational efficiency isn’t new – it merely highlights some of the challenges manufacturers have already been dealing with in a digital world, including:

  • Expanding business in competitive global markets
  • Adapting production resources to meet evolving customer requirements
  • Reducing operating costs through increased efficiency, automation, and transparency.

That isn’t all, manufacturing organizations are facing a litany of business and technology challenges today. In order to reach these objectives and solve top of mind problems, manufacturers must truly embrace digital transformation and the forward-thinking technologies driving innovation in the space. Manufacturing organizations are making impactful strides in robotics, automation, data and analytics, and IoT. These areas of investment are helping drive increases in labor productivity, improve capacity utilization, and drive production output while keeping a close eye on resiliency and safety.

To capitalize on these trends, successfully drive their digital transformation strategies, and create smart manufacturing facilities, companies need the core infrastructure and IT competencies to support next-gen applications.

Extreme Networks’ cloud-driven solutions meet the mission-critical requirements of manufacturing. By delivering connectivity, centralized management, AI/ML-driven analytics, and security, manufacturing businesses and their unique environments can meet the acute needs today and have a robust, flexible platform to pursue more strategic initiatives in the future.

Watch the video below to learn how these IT competencies are critical for manufacturing businesses today, and why Extreme uniquely equips the industry for success.

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