Lynn Fraser

Vice President of Global Services Sales and Customer Success

Lynn Fraser is the VP of Global Services Sales & Customer Success at Extreme Networks, leading strategy, planning and chief of staff priorities to drive sales growth. Lynn has worked in information technology roles for over 30 years and has a passion for sharing lessons learned and best practices with the folks she has mentored throughout her career. She also has a passion for breast cancer support and patient advocacy, working with the Susan G. Komen Foundation and leading / participating in initiatives at her former and present place of work. Lynn started her career designing, architecting, implementing, and maintaining a brand new local and wide area network for a large, global financial institution in the Boston area. This was a unique experience, which she is incredibly grateful for, as this was uncharted territory, and she was able to gain experience in multiple IT network areas; today these functions would be handled by separate teams as they are unique disciplines.  It also provided her with invaluable customer mindset experience, as her role involved the selection of technology, solutions, proof of concept testing, and negotiations with the top technology manufacturers in the world. 

Obtaining this foundational experience was key to future roles, which included leading system integration, Professional Services and Advanced Services delivery, and overall sales leadership at System Integrator and hardware/software manufacturing companies. She became a Certified Program Manager from WPI; achieved her Cisco Certified Design Architecture (CCDA) certification; BS/BA in Information Systems and a Master's in leadership at Northeastern University; along with completing executive strategic and leadership residential programs at Harvard University.