Global Colleges and Universities Leverage Extreme Academy


Colleges and universities across the globe, including Barnsley College in the U.K. and Southeast Missouri State University, are leveraging Extreme Academy to introduce students to skills that will prepare them for a future career in the networking industry. Students who complete Extreme Academy coursework and pass the exam can earn key industry accreditations and certifications, giving them a competitive advantage when seeking jobs post-graduation. To date, over 1,000 Academy participants have earned an Extreme Networks Associate-level qualification.

The Extreme Academy academic curriculum introduces students to IT and networking via hands-on training in areas such as network design, wireless network security and network automation. Participating organizations receive teaching resources, state-of-the-art lab equipment and a diverse training portfolio.

Extreme is continually developing the curriculum, ensuring students are given the most up-to date resources and giving schools a competitive edge for recruitment. The complimentary training series, which features unique insights from industry experts in addition to ready-to-go lesson plans, is available both in-person and virtually through Extreme Academy Live.

Hands-On Networking Labs in SciTech Hub

Working with Extreme partner NETprotocol, UK-based Barnsley College has established an immersive networking curriculum within its SciTech Digital Innovation Hub using a combination of Extreme solutions and Academy training materials. Students learn in a hands-on environment and leverage the latest Extreme Academy training to build skills in cybersecurity, network management and network design. With Extreme’s network infrastructure, students apply their skills in real-life scenarios and work on active networking hardware throughout the campus.

“Extreme Academy is an excellent program for any student interested in a career in network engineering or IT, as it provides the foundational skills necessary for them to get started without any prerequisites. Extreme has supported us throughout this process and has provided course materials that will enable our students to build high-demand skills in areas including cloud management and network analytics. It provides students at Barnsley College with both significant value and a competitive advantage for when they graduate.” – Azhar Iqbal, Barnsley College

Real-World Experiences in Safe Practice Environments

Networking instructors at Southeast Missouri State University have integrated Extreme Academy coursework into existing engineering and technology programs. Course topics include network management, network analytics and AI/ML, as well as hands-on training in networking labs using the latest Extreme solutions like the Wi-Fi 6E AP4000 access points. The University is also leveraging ExtremeCloud™ IQ CoPilot’s digital twin capabilities, which allow students to test their skills on simulated hardware in a sandbox environment.

“Our students love Extreme Academy. It’s rare to see kids get this excited when we start a new curriculum, but when we go over Academy coursework, they are all paying attention. Additionally, I’ve often seen Extreme’s equipment used in other environments like K-12 school districts and stadiums. That gives me the confidence that, on top of the in-demand networking and engineering skills our students are building, we are giving them the opportunity to earn certifications that will prepare them for future careers in network management and give them a leg up when applying for jobs.” – Robbie Davis, Engineering and Technology Instructor, Southeast Missouri State University

Expanded Opportunities for Scalable Training

Anyone who is in a position to teach, including those who lead company training courses, and has earned a certification by successfully completing an Extreme Academy course and passing the exam is eligible to take an additional exam to become an Extreme Academy Instructor for that course. This both helps address the IT talent shortage and enables businesses to scale IT talent as they grow without having to budget for additional training resources.

“There is a continued shortage of skilled IT professionals, particularly when it comes to areas like networking analytics and cloud management. Extreme Academy helps address the increased need for networking expertise, while creating a community of networking experts versed in modern infrastructure and best practices. By augmenting traditional higher education curriculums with real-world training at no cost, we can help accelerate professional career development and readiness, enabling us to both narrow the digital divide and build a stronger IT workforce.” – Rohan Abey, Director of Training and Enablement, Extreme Networks

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