Fun training, is there such a thing? At Extreme Networks there is!

Raise your hand if certification training has looked something like this. You sit down at your computer, engage undividedly for the first ten-minute video, and then… you peak at your phone, then maybe glance at your email. Suddenly, you find yourself daydreaming about a vacation somewhere warm. Next thing you know the video is done and a quiz had popped up on your screen. You barely made it through the training, but do you feel inspired to put that newly acquired knowledge to use? Maybe, maybe not. But this year was going to be different, you vouched to yourself for the next one you’ll lock that phone away and give it your undivided attention...

STOP! Take your phone back out because this year's training is a little different! The new Extreme Networks’ ESS training is interactive, fun, and competitive, so that means no more dull IT vendor training. And more importantly... no more exams! Don’t worry, at the end of the training, with a knowledge level above 80% you will be awarded a certificate. The difference in this training is that the learning content will be broken into smaller chunks of learning material built for mobile phone use so you can take it with you anywhere, anytime. As you make your way through different learning levels, you'll receive points contributing to your final score. It can be played as a single-player or multi-player game. Whichever mode you are in you will be able to consume the microlearning content on a mobile device and easily fit the training into your busy schedule.

What will I learn in ESS training?

As you move through the training game you gain a better understanding of:

  • How we are creating effortless networking experiences
  • Why Extreme? As you play the game, you’ll learn about how Extreme’s Cloud Networking solutions and strategy are creating Effortless Experiences for your customers. You’ll learn about the biggest differentiators for Extreme, the best parts of ExtremeCloud IQ, Extreme Fabric, and consumption models. Additionally, you will be able to better understand Universal Platforms
  • Ways to win with Extreme Services
  • And, so much more

Once you have completed the games and have hit an 80% knowledge level or higher you will automatically be awarded the Extreme Sales Specialist Sales Certification in Cloud Networking and will receive a digital certificate. Show off your certificate on social media and it counts towards your company’s status in the Extreme’s award-winning Partner Program!

The most successful IT sales professionals understand networking. They understand how it underpins every part of a great IT strategy for their customers and unlocks rapid transformation of business.

Who has completed the training?

So far, we have had over 1,000 participants complete the training, including over 1,000 partners and 400 Extreme employees. The numbers keep climbing!

Hear what some of Extremes partners have to say about the new ESS training:

“Incredibly fun. It is great that the look and feel is interactive with short videos and contests after each video with a quiz. Best sales certification I have ever taken” - NetNordic - Carl Petter Omberg

“The delivery methods are enjoyable and memorable. I am learning what I wanted to learn. I intend to take few other courses as well. This stuff is addictive😊” - Ahearn & Soper Inc. – John Topyurek

“I like the format and it’s not too long, didn’t find myself getting bored or losing track like you can do on long videos. The presenters made it easy to follow and were very informative. Overall, very good.” CloudOne – Chris Costas

“Let me tell you that I’ve been taken the course and I think is the best course that we as Extreme has provide to partners. Congrats!” Extreme Networks – Carlos Alberto Santiage Martinez

“It’s awesome! Really nice way to learn more about the products and selling tactics!” - Paul Brannigan – President of RealWorld

How do I get started?

Great question! It’s simple, Extreme Partners can register for the game at the ExtremeDojo. Once your game has been set up you will receive an email including instructions on how to access the game and play. A tutorial on how to use the ExtremeDojo app is also included at the start of the training.

Good luck and have fun!

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