Evolution of Network Protocol Architecture

In a recent blog post, I wrote about the Evolution of Network Protocol Architectures. As I previously stated, networking technology is not static. It is constantly evolving, and yet many times when organizations refresh or ‘modernize’ their network, they purchase shiny new network switches but insist on deploying the same networking protocols that operated on the previous network.

In this blog, I provided a historical look at how networking protocols matured as computer network architectures transformed. The differences between a traditional networking protocol stack and the 802.1aq method are at the heart of the conversation. 802.1aq transparently extends Layer 2 connectivity, regardless of physical topology or location.

To further visualize the continuing Evolution of Network Protocol Architectures we have created this video:


The overall evolution of network protocol architectures will, of course, continue. 802.1aq is by no means the end of the evolution. As we move further towards smart infrastructure and communities, this evolution will continue to provide the automation and scale required for networks.

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